About Us

Crocstar is Crocodilian Conservation - ultimately protecting alligators, caimans, crocodiles, and gharials. These beautiful creatures are vanishing worldwide due to loss of habitat, water contamination, hunting, poaching, over harvesting and other factors. Crocstars are the women and men on the front line protecting these incredible animals in their natural habitats and through day-to-day conservation & preservation practices. 

The Crocstar company was founded by people who have a passion for animals with the mission to aid in the protection and preservation of crocodilians. A portion of the proceeds from every item we sell go to help the real Crocstars around the world who tirelessly work - often without the necessary financial means - to help save these beautiful animals.

The Crocstars that work with these animals have phenomenal passion as well. They also have as a certain kind of crazy needed to go hands-on with these incredible creatures, so we design items that reflects that attitude. Tell your friends. Educate. Wear our stuff. Support our cause. When these animals are gone, they are gone forever.


To see what Crocstars we are currently supporting and to learn what they are up to, check out Crocservation.