Smooth Waters Wildlife Center

We are excited to be involved with Smooth Waters Wildlife Center & it's Director, CROCSTAR Nathan Sweeting!

Nathan Sweeting is no stranger to the Croc conservation world, having been an avid conservationist for years.

Nathan is highly regarded for his encyclopedic knowledge of crocodilian behavior and for custom management & training programs he develops for other facilities looking to better care and interact with crocodilians - keeping both the animal and keepers safer, happier and healthier.

In 2016 Nathan expanded his operation and opened the Smooth Waters Wildlife Center in De Leon Springs, FL. This 10 acre reserve is home to a variety of endangered and critically endangered reptiles. Smooth Waters Wildlife Center offers conservationists, scientists, zookeepers and anyone with a love for crocodilians, a one-stop place where they can receive ongoing education and hands-on training. The Center also offers youth programs (Junior Keeper) as well as private & group tours of their zoological facility. 

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Smooth Waters Wildlife Center

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